Sunday 16 December 2018
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Tales and fallacies regarding Online Slots

Players familiar the gaming industry will undoubtedly have come across some “truths” regarding online slots. There is some truth in some of these notions; others are nothing more than myths. The fact is that players can win lots of moolah playing slots online. So, what are you waiting for?

To set the record straight, here are some of the most widespread misconceptions:

Myth #1: Online Slots Are Programmed for “Hot Streaks” and “Cold Streaks”

In slots lingo, a hot streak is when a machine pays out more often than usual, and a cold streak is when a machine seems not to be paying out. According to one myth, this is all part of the way that the machines are programmed in order to trick players. The real story is that payouts are entirely random, and that any “streaks” are also random, just like, when you flip a coin, there will be occasions when heads or tails comes up several times in a row.

Myth #2: A Slot That Hasn’t Paid Out Recently Is Due to Pay Out

This myth is built on the same faulty logic as the previous one. Again, online slots are entirely random by nature, so there is no way to predict when the next payout will happen.

Myth #3: A Slot That’s Just Paid Out a Jackpot Won’t Pay Out Again for a Long Time

This myth is just the inverse of the previous one, and is equally believed even though it is equally false. To repeat: a jackpot can occur at any time because each spin is completely random.

Myth #4: Playing with Bonuses Decreases Your Chances of Winning

The idea here is that, if a player is using a bonus, his or her chances of winning cash are less than if no bonus is involved. This notion is again totally wrong. The random number generators that power online slot machines have no way of knowing when players are playing with a bonus. The chances of winning are exactly the same however you pay for your pla.

Myth #5: New Slots Are Launched Just for Variety

This myth is actually partly true. The fact is that online slot players generally look for new slots if they find themselves on a losing streak. Having lots of games available is thus one way that casinos keep their customers playing. Players have a new arena to try their luck, and the cash keeps flowing into the casino, so everybody’s happy.

Any Myths to Add?

Other players would be interested hear any myths or misconceptions that you may have come across about online slots.