Wednesday 29 November 2023
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The basic to play Casino war as an expert

A casino is a warehouse of games. There is a universal thing where some games remain in the gambling world for just a short amount of time. There are some games that last for years. These games never go old and outdated. The concepts of these games are so awesome that it passes generations and generation. The casino war is one of such Bandar bola game that gained a lot of popularity over the years. The name of the game itself brought many people to try this game out. Hence, the popularity of the game. In addition to that, the rules of the games are very simple and it gives a fair win to the players.

The brief of the casino war

Have you played the blackjack? If yes then this game won’t be much difficult for you. The reason is both of them are similar. In fact, both the games are played on an identical gambling table. The casino is war is played with the dealer. There may be more players to be playing the casino war against the dealer. Unlike other poker games, when a player has to first see the hand and then make the bets. In this, the bets are first made and then the card is viewed. Seeing the cards in Bandar bola, you have to decide if you want to stay or not. If the cards are higher than the dealer is then you are the winner. If your cards are same as that of the dealers then you lost.

Get to know it deeper

Let us know why the game is popular among the gambler. One reason is the game is very simple to learn. Anyone who is little familiar with the card would find it easy to learn it. Within no time, he will be able to hold a very firm grip on the game. Here is how the player wins and when the house wins.

Firstly the dealer asks the players to make some bet with their coins. All the players have to make a fixed bet. When that is done the game is initiated. The cards are given to the players and the dealer. The dealer has to three cards head up and the one card on hold up. The players then have a decision if they want to go to war by increase the bets or want to stop the best and show their cards to decide. If the cards are more than the dealer, the player wins. If it is less or the same as the dealer then the house wins.

If the person doesn’t want to go to war then he can surrender. However, if a person surrenders then he won’t be able to play the game more. Along with that, he has to give half of the bet he placed to the house and keep the rest.


In this game surrender is the less likely thing that the players are expected to do. This takes away any chance of you win.