Monday 22 April 2024
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Free bet is an opportunity to bet without risk

Free bets are offered by online bookmakers to new customers upon signing up a new account with them. Free bets are generally bonus that you can use as you seem worth. You can use the entire amount of free bet in part or full depending upon your choice. The number of free bets that you place i.e.; the stake value will be paid by the bookmaker. If you win the bet, you will be handed the net winnings of the bet. However, it is advisable to use them with caution as it is the best opportunity for you to increase your bank balance without any investment on your part. There are several markets where you can use your free bets, but, you should refer to terms and conditions to get the specific events and market for placing a free bet.

Types of bookmaker free bets

  • Matching your stake: This is possibly the most common type of free bets that are offered to the customers. The amount that you use to open an account and place the bet during the signing of the account, the bookmaker matches the amount of your bet with a bonus bet.
  • Free bet series: It is more or less on the lines of matching your stake free bet. The difference between the two types being that the free bets given to you are divided into several smaller individual bets instead of a lump sum bonus.
  • Initial deposit bonus: This type of free bets are not very common, but there are certain bookmakers that offer this type of free bet. You get free bets upon signing up a new account and making an initial deposit.

Conditions and restrictions on free bet

  • One of the most common conditions for using free bet is the minimum odds required, which varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. They will make a minimum odds range for your bet to qualify as a free bet.
  • Other restriction can be in the form of the sports event or the market where you are required to place the bet.
  • Some bookmakers also make restrictions on the minimum deposit required for using the free bet.