Friday 24 March 2023
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The Best Casinos Overseas

A holiday to London or America can be even more memorable if the trip includes an evening at a casino. Travelers can find casinos while travelling overseas by browsing through various websites that provide extensive information on the best casinos abroad.

Casinos In London

Since the late 1700s, London has been home to luxurious gaming and gambling. The city houses some of the oldest casinos and gambling clubs in Europe. London’s casinos have a special charm steeped in tradition and luxury, and they attract wealthy and high profile celebrities. Superb casinos in London can be found in places like Piccadilly, Mayfair and Park Lane.

Private Gambling

Gambling in London is a high-end pursuit. The primary attraction and appeal of this capital city’s casinos lie in the quality of gambling and a complete commitment to the player’s privacy. This was particularly popular in the 1960s, even warranting its own book!

Nowadays, private clubs are allowed legally in london thanks to the Gambling Act of 2005. This act also allows bars to have slot machines, and allows private clubs give out larger prizes than commercial gambling establishments.

Memberships & Dress Codes In London’s Casinos

London casinos have a distinctively aristocratic ambiance. The best casinos have strict dress codes. Entry to these gaming clubs and casinos is through a membership. Depending on the exclusivity of the casino or club, this can be fairly difficult to obtain. Anyone looking to enter a private gambling club should certainly check out the dress code before they walk through the doors.

Casinos in The United States

While many places in the United States boast casinos, Las Vegas, Nevada stands apart. Also known as Sin City, this hub of gaming houses also showcases international cuisine and big-name entertainment. Las Vegas attracts millions of people every year, most of whom come to gamble at the casinos located on the famous Las Vegas strip. In 2007 alone, around 39.2 million people visited Las Vegas!

California houses about 100 licensed and authorized card rooms. These card rooms are not permitted to install slot machines or video poker but they do provide an action packed game environment with anywhere from 100 to 500 tables.

About 90 km east of Los Angeles is the San Manuel Indian Bingo And Casino. The other casino operated by the Native Americans is the Pechanga Resort & Casino. It is spread over sprawling lawns and its casino floor is 190,000 sq. feet! Pechanga houses more than 4,000 slot machines, 700 seating for Bingo, over 150 table games and many poker rooms. California is a great alternative to Las Vegas if vacationers are looking for a more relaxed casino environment.