Thursday 22 February 2024
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5 tips for playing slot machines

Slot machines are the most played games in many casinos around the world. The interest in slots is growing at such a rapid pace that many casino experts believe slots have taken much of the appeal of table games away.

Playing a slot machine can be extremely fun and rewarding. Modern video slots make it possible to get lost in a video game like world. Adding the thrill of winning money is also great. Many slot players have strategies to win money when playing. It may start with grabbing a welcome bonus. But it isn’t just about putting in a coin and pulling a lever as the pros know just how to play and win cash when visiting online or live casinos.

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  1. Higher priced slots yield more money

It sounds simple but the higher priced slot machines pay out more money. A dollar slot will yield a higher percentage in winnings than a machine of a lower denomination. As one slot expert says, a three-coin dollar slot will pay out 95 percent, according to the UK Gambling Commission. Meanwhile, a 40-line, 1-cent machine will only pay out 86 percent, even if some sites like claim a bigger return rate to the players. It should be remembered that betting more can increase the amount a player loses.

  1. Games should fit a player’s goals

There are a multitude of slot machines in both online and live casinos. Players should always select slots that fit their betting goals. Whether it is a machine that has progressive jackpots or gives small payouts every so often, players should go for the slot that fits their playing style.

  1. Players should never spend outside their budget

Players should always go into an online or live casino with a budget. If they lose their playing budget for the day, week, or month, they should never dip into other funds. Players should base the slots they play on their bank roll. It isn’t fun to drop a quick £100 when a player’s bank roll is just £300. Knowing the games and how long a player can last at the slot machine of their choosing is important. Otherwise, they are like football Scottish fans, waiting desperately for a European title.

  1. Does starting small work?

There is a slot machine theory that starting with small bets and building up allows for big wins later on. There is no truth to this theory, however. Players have the same chances of winning big early as later in a slot machine session. Starting small and winning small just means a player doesn’t receive much money in the beginning.

  1. Machines are never hot nor cold

As slot machine conspiracy theories go, players love to hunt down “hot” machines that are paying out to other individuals. Meanwhile, many players want to stay away from machines that aren’t spitting out coins. The fact is, there is no such thing as a hot or cold slot machine. Slot machines pay out based on the number of plays over time. Just because another player wins on a certain slot doesn’t mean the next person to jump on it will too. In addition, there is no evidence that slot machines on the end of rows pay out more often. Players who scout machines as part of their slot strategy will be wasting time.