Tuesday 16 April 2024
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8 Games That Are Commonly Played in Indian Households

Games an impeccable role to play as a means of entertainment. While there is no two ways about how people around the world spend their work hours, the way they pass their time can be quite different in different countries. The games chosen actually reveal the true pursuits of the minds of that region. India is an excellent nation with a vast variety in its each aspect. Here we have listed out 8 games that are commonly played in Indian households and how these happen to reveal their true interests and likings.


This board game is very popular in India is all social circles. We have often come across Bollywood movies with references to carrom playing group of senior citizens. The game requires a good deal of precision and skill. It can be played between two individuals or two teams. The goal of each team is to complete the coins on the board while winning the Queen as well.

Unlike card games like Indian rummy that focuses on sharpening the strategizing skills, this trains the player’s mind to focus. It also requires a person to understand the theories of reflection to understand the rebound moves in the game well.

Indian Rummy

While today most people are choosing to play rummy online for real cash, it is not where the love for rummy began in India. Indian rummy has remained one of the most popular card games in India. People of all ages, genders and stages of life enjoy this game with equal pride. If there are social gatherings, groups of people choose to enjoy a session of rummy to pass their time. The popularity of this skills game is because it is easy to learn and enjoyable to play.


Chess is one of the games that sharpen the mind. This is one reason why many families in India choose to play chess. This is a two-player game where the goal is to conquer the opposite army by check mating the king. While rummy patti game tests your organising skills, this game tests your ability to think a few moves ahead of your opponent.

Mindi cot

This is yet another card game that is popular among the Indian crowds. The goal of the game is to acquire maximum hands. Ten cards are of special significance in this game. The game requires scheming and strategizing. This makes it very popular in India. You will find this game too as a common choice when you look for online real cash winning games.


The Indian people also enjoy some outdoor games. Badminton will surely top the list of such games. This is a game that can be played between either two players or two teams. People regard this as a good option to exercise the body during free time.


This is a game more popular among kids and adolescent girls. The game is simple and can include multiple players. This is another game that assures a good deal of exercise to the body.

Kite Flying

Kite flying is so popular in India that there are multiple festivals associated with kite flying. The types of kites and the types of threads used to fly these kites vary. Kite flying also requires a good deal of skill. Kite flyers often compete with each other cut each other’s kites.

Street Cricket

Even households that have a small compound do not hesitate to try their luck at cricket. This is one game that every Indian is surely familiar with. There are many companies that organise cricket matches just to show their love for this admirable game. The more commonly played version is the underarm cricket. The experts surely use a season ball and play proper overarm cricket rather than underarm variants.

India is a nation that loves all sorts of games. It is not surprising that there are so many different games played in India. As there is an increase in internet reach, people are equally keen to try Indian rummy online games and other options their smartphones provide them. If you are a rummy fan too, just visit Khelplay Rummy website and create an account to enjoy different variations of your favourite rummy card games.