Monday 22 April 2024
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The Bets and the Wins You need to be Sure of

After determining the bet the players will get 1 card openly and the dealer will get 1 card face down. Furthermore, players will get 1 card back openly and the dealer will get 1 card face down and the dealer will open the first card that the previous dealer has.

  • After the players get their first 2 cards, the dealer will ask the players whether they will keep the nominal cards they get or add their cards to get their highest score and win.
  • If a player adds their card, the dealer will open the second card the dealer has.
  • The dealer also has the same rights as the player, the dealer can add further cards if he gets a small card.
  • The เว็บพนันบอล win will be seen at the end of the round after the players and the dealer stop adding cards and comparing who has the highest card value. 


Blackjack players must know the terms used when playing. The terms used in the blackjack game are:

  • Blackjack: name of 2 cards with a value of 21 (for example a card with a value of 10 with an ace counted 11).
  • Bust: the name of the card that has passed 21 points.
  • Double Down: the name when the player who doubles the value of the bet, after getting an additional card the player who does double down will stand.
  • Stand: the name when the player does not want to add cards again.
  • Hit: the name when the player wants to add additional cards.
  • Hole card: the name on the card that the dealer has is closed.
  • Insurance: the meaning of insurance itself is insurance / guarantee, the players who want to choose a guarantee when the place of the card owned by the dealer looks at the US card that comes out at the opening of the dealer’s first card and has a lot of percentage to get blackjack.
  • Push: the name when the cards owned by the dealer and the player are of equal value.
  • Split: the name of two cards of the same value that can be solved so that they can make two different hand cards. Bets of the same value will be placed on the new hand card.
  • Surrender: means surrender, surrender is the name where players give up after reaching a certain value from their cards and take back half of their bets.
  • Out: this name is owned by the player where when the player loses and has no money bet for the next game.
  • Win: the name of the player who has the win during the game round.
  • Lose: the name of the player who has lost because of getting the lowest card value. 

These are some guidelines for playing blackjack that we can provide, before you play the blackjack game, read the terms and conditions that apply to each agent to find out more about the rules made by the agent because each agent has different rules and conditions. In-depth information you can ask the services available.