Tuesday 16 April 2024
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Look for the Smart Solutions in Sports Betting

This article will show you everything you need to know to place quality sports bets, and thereby help you win your bets more regularly.We’ll show you how the odds work and how bookmakers take advantage of them (ensuring their profit), so you can use this to your advantage to find value bets.

Doing good bankroll management is essential for success as a bettor, so we need to talk about that too.


This guide is aimed at both those who are just starting out and those who already have some experience and would like to deepen their knowledge as a bettor. Go for the Best Online Sportsbooks there now.

Winning sports betting is a mix of art and science, which encompasses some key concepts that need to be understood by those who like to take it a little more seriously.

  • Let’s start with those who never bet.To be able to bet you must have an account at an online bookmaker . This is completely legal as long as you do it in one of the several licensed houses in Portugal just like all the ones you find recommended in Aposta Legal.
  • Secondly, you must have a way of depositing money to bet; generally it will also be through this method that you will later withdraw your winnings.
  • As we will explain later, each time you create an account at a home and make your first deposit, you will be eligible to receive a first deposit bonus or welcome bonus.

After that, you will have everything you need to place a bet. But before that, let’s assume that the reason I brought you here was that you wanted to be a good gambler.Let’s start with odds, the most basic betting concept.

Online Betting Odds

Whenever you bet on a given result, for example, Sporting win is where you have an odd associated with that choice.This numerical value indirectly represents a probability in this case, that Sporting will win.

What Does This Odd Represent?

It’s very simple.There are several odds formats for sports betting. In Portugal, the decimal odd is used, which we will use in the explanations of this guide.

How To Convert An Odd?

We said earlier that an odd represents a probability (although it may not seem at first). Let’s see how it works.

Adding these probabilities, the total is 114%. You will understand why. Logically, the lower the odd , the greater the likelihood of this result happening.Although betting on a higher odd can bring higher returns, there is a reason why that odd is higher – the likelihood of that outcome happening is less.