Friday 23 February 2024
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Love is only the answer.

Most people assume females abstain from gambling; it is not entirely true. In modern society, there is no gender discrimination; still, female gamblers are very scarce compared to male wagers. As in other aspects of life, women were always underprivileged, scorn and evicted from activities presumed to be male-dominated. But the list of famous woman gamblers is spectacular, ranging from the Wild West to contemporary society. These bold women gamblers deserve more acclamation from those who defied the social norms and stood tall among the male gamblers. They paved the way to success with valor and determination earned respect and commendation from male gamblers.

Lottie Deno

The list of famous female gamblers starts from Lottie Deno, notorious for her gambling skill. Her name spread like a bushfire in the Wild West accompanied by famous male gamblers of that time. She was born in 1844 in Kentucky as Carlotta J. Thompkins. Her father was a famous racehorse breeder and gave her first lessons on gambling. After her father`s death, she went to Detroit in search of fortune. Instead, she lost all money, wretched. But destiny has some other plan for this lady. While travelling along the Mississippi river, she played poker on riverboat casinos. Her flair for speculation earned her the nickname Deno, the Spanish word for money.

Her next destination was San Antonio, Texas, where she met a fellow gambler named Frank Thurmond. They fell in love, eloped from San Antonio as Frank was charged with murder. But, love is only the answer; they quitted gambling, got married and spent the rest of their life happily ever after in Deming, New Mexico. 

Eleanor Dumont

Eleanor Dumont was bestowed with an unusual nickname – Madame Moustache. Her life story is more bizarre, but she pioneered the world of blackjack to women. She was born in 1829 and then settled in Nevada City, California. Over there, she established a gambling parlor named after the game she outclasses all, Vingt-et-un (precursor of blackjack). Surprisingly Dumont only allowed male gamblers in the parlor; fair sex was restricted.

Nevertheless, men were fascinated with the woman dealer. After several years of successful entrepreneurship, she left Nevada and settled in Arizona, California. She supplemented another trade to her gamut, opening several brothels in towns where she regularly visited. With time, the gambling industry changed mow can bet from your mobile; just install mega888 apk in the smartphone. It is always fascinating to know about famous gamblers, especially if the water was a woman.