Thursday 22 February 2024
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Playing Online Samgong Using IDNPlay

Samgong is a traditional gambling game in Indonesia. In the age of new technology, even traditional games like this are being adapted for players online, making it accessible to anyone who wants to play it all over the world. In line with this, IDNPlay has recently launched Super10, an online game strikingly similar to the Indonesian gambling game.

Variety of Games

Super10 offers a wide variety of genres like preferred strategic solutions which will match your enthusiasm in playing the online gamble. The range of the gameplay offered is a booming trend adapted by online gamblers all over the world, some of the favorites being IDN Poker Agent, Capsa Susun IDN, Ceme Online, Ceme Keliling, and IDN QQ.

Online Gambling Version

Using the several aspects of IDNPlay online gambling, you can reach a breakthrough in the form of the super IDN games. The nature of the game featured is quite similar to playing samgong online terpercaya In this game, you are playing the cards as a means to have a superior win in the process. In the game, you will have to sum up the total of the three cards you are holding, which will be distributed by the dealer at first.

Winning Game Strategy

The Super10 IDN is a simple gaming style, inspired by the samgong. In playing Samgong, the contest is between the player and their dealer. In the case of the Super10, it is just the opposite, making the game a player versus player. In your cards, you may get variations in the numbers from 2 to 10. The numbers are also equipped with the card variations of Jack, King, and Queen. You will have to play the game with a superior interest in mind so you can win.

Sum of the Cards

In this game, all the pictures cards such as the Jack, Queen, and King will have a value of 100. You will follow the same strategy as if you are playing blackjack. On the other hand, the value of the other cards is represented by the numerals seen on the surface of the card. From the earlier explanations, you now know that the main task is to add the three cards delivered to you by the dealer. If the sum of your three cards exceeds 10, then the value you will consider will be the last digit as if you are playing ceme or QQ.

You can still enjoy traditional gambling games you’ve enjoyed online. Just make sure that you know how it really works in the virtual worlds so you can secure your wins.