Friday 23 February 2024
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Slot Machines- What’s Your Strategy?

The debate rages on about whether or not there is, in fact, a strategy for tackling what can be potentially considered as one of the trickiest sections of the casino – Slot Machines. Well, whether or not you think there is or isn’t, one thing most people can agree on is that you will get better results if you have some kind of strategy. Below we have collated a few key considerations when trying to choose a killer strategy for hitting the slots hard.

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Stick Within Your Budget

Possibly the most important rule for any gambler aiming for success is to set a limit and stick to it. This is not only valid for cash but also time. While those lucky few may hit a big win wining minutes of stepping onto the casino floor, most may have to play for some time before they accrue some cash in their pocket. Thus, it is advisable to select slots and betting limits which suite your budget, without running the risk of burning out early in the evening.

It’s All About the Paylines  

When selecting your wager on a specific slot, you may have to choose between a bigger bet or more paylines and while taking a bigger chance on a few lines. This, however, lowers your chances to win as playing more paylines with a lower wager amount increases your chances of winning over a longer period of time.

Fact or Fiction- The Hot Machine

Almost every slot machine player has at some or other point got sucked into playing on a machine, simply because it hasn’t paid out in a while, or similarly chooses not to leave a machine because it is paying out well. Even though a minimum amount of winning must be paid over time, there is no way of determining when the next “big win” will be. The fact of the matter is, when a machine pays out, it has absolutely nothing to do with how much or little it has paid out in the past- “End of Story”.

Stack the Odds in Your Favour

The “House Always Wins”, because gambling is by nature designed for the house to win more than you do, it’s just the way casinos are set up. Slot machines are in fact strictly regulated and tested regularly to ensure that a casino complied with standards for maintaining a certain win percentage, which means paying out a certain amount of cents for every dollar played. This minimum rate may vary from place to place, but some casinos choose to employ higher winning rates than others. With slot machines, winnings are randomly and automatically selected by a machine, which means that over a very long period of play you will always lose. However, some machines pay out more than others at every casino floor based on their design and/or settings, so make sure you choose the right machine with the best possible odds.

Variance and Volatility

By their nature, some machines are prone to pay out regularly but in smaller amounts, while other machines may not pay out regularly, but when they do they make it worth your while. This may feature of a slot machine is summed up as its variance or volatility. Deciding or finding out which type of machine you are gambling on may help you decide how best to bet and when you need to be patient.

Do Your Due Diligence

There may be many great strategies out there and some of them may be useful while other perhaps not so much. The most important thing to realise is that when you go up against the house, the odds will not be in your favour.

You can, however, give yourself the best chance by choosing machines and playing strategy that maximises your odds of winning and perhaps knowing when to ratchet up the bet is something you can only learn with time, you should give yourself that and familiarise yourself with specific machines. That way, you will know exactly what your chances are before you even deposit any cash and inevitably are going to increase if not your win rate, your win amounts.