Thursday 22 February 2024
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Weekly Avalon78 Cash backs

Avalon78 is a site that believes in strong policies and discipline in their operation. Not only are their terms and conditions strict and unalterable, but also genuine. The site truly believes gambling to be a game that requires followingrules like every other game. It is divided into twelve levels and players get bonuses for unlocking every level. Unlike other gambling sites, it is actually a site that pays more attention to the game rather than on making profits.

Terms and Conditions

Everything that Avalon78 offers follow certain limitations be it deposit bonuses or cashbacks. Therefore it is very important to go through all the terms and conditions of the game before one decides to take a chance.The cashback that Avalon78 offers is based on a weekly basis and follow certain terms and conditions:

  • Specific day and time

Cashbacks bonuses are given out on a specific day and time and to specific players. Cashback bonuses are given on every Thursday at 00.00 GMT. Players can avail these only if they have been unsuccessful in certain games, andhave made a loss. Loses of the previous week are accumulated and given out in the following week.

  • Validity

The cashback bonuses have to be used up within 14 days from the date it is received.

  • Type of bonuses

Avalon78gives the players the opportunity to opt for the percentage of cashback bonuses that they want to avail. The cashback bonuses are divided into two parts – 7% and 10%.

  • Bonus restrictions

Though it is said that players have complete freedom in choosing what percentage of cashback bonuses they want, yet there is a certain restriction in it as well.A player with less than a certain amount of loss is only entitled to 7% of the weekly cashback bonuses, whereas players with more than the minimum amount of loss are entitled to 10% cashback.A player with maximum loss has the opportunity to select their preferred percentage of cashback bonuses. This is done so that players are encouraged to keep playing even if they incur losses.

  • Genuine players

Though many players might find these terms and conditions to be very annoying and an unnecessary, genuine player who love gambling and takes it as a game and not as a means to make money will be attracted to the site.Because of its disciplines and strictness as all these measures are sure to keep cheaters and hackers away from theAvalon78 site. This makes it one of the safest sites for gambling.