Thursday 5 October 2023
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What is 4D Toto?

There is no scarcity of enthusiastic lottery players in Malaysia and Singapore. Bettors partake in lottery games as these provide them with an opportunity to win big prizes and change their fortunes overnight at just a minimal cost of a draw ticket.

Similar to other games, lottery games have different variations that enable players to bet on two-digit, four-digit, or even six-digit number combinations. In Singapore and Malaysia, one of the most popular types of draw games is the 4D lottery. It is the widely-known computerized lottery system in the two countries that often throws up big prizes.

Generally, 4D lottery involves placing bets on 4-digit number combinations from 0000 to 9999. Bettors can place wagers one week before the draw date and as late as six on draw day. The lottery draw happens on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Twenty-three (23) numbers will be drawn during the draw day, and these will fall into five categories: first prize, second prize, third prize, Starter, and Consolation. Bettors win the draw if their chosen 4-digit numbers are revealed as the winning number in the 4D lottery draw results.

But, placing 4D lottery bets may be a long process as bettors need to consider several things. With this, to become more profitable with their 4D betting activities, players need to understand the whole mechanics of 4D lottery betting.

After choosing their 4-digit number to bet on, they have to determine if they want to place bets on a single draw, two-consecutive draws, or three-consecutive draws. Afterward, they also have to decide if they will be putting big bets or small bets. The main difference between these two bet types is the mechanics of winning a prize. With big bets, players can win a prize if their chosen number is included in the 23 drawn 4-digit numbers; meanwhile, with small bets, they can only win a prize if their number is included in the top three 4-digit numbers drawn.

Then, they will have to choose how they want to place their bets – there are five ways to place a wager in the 4D lottery: ordinary entry, 4D roll entry, system entry, iBet entry, and quick pick.

  • In the ordinary entry, players will only be betting on their selected 4-digit number.
  • In the 4D roll, players will be betting on ten 4-digit number combinations. They will have to choose three digits and place a rolling integer, represented by “R.”
  • In system entry, bettors will be placing bets on all possible permutations of their selected number.
  • In iBet entry, bettors will bet on all possible combinations of their chosen number – similar to system entry – but in a much lower wager. They will only have to wager a minimum of $1, regardless of the total number of permutations they will bet on.
  • In quick pick, players will be placing a bet on a 4-digit number. They will only win in this type of 4D betting if the random number generated by a computer is their chosen 4-digit number.

Where to place 4D lottery bets?

Over the past decades, lottery players have placed bets on 4D lottery games through lottery shops scattered all over Singapore and Malaysia. However, placing bets traditionally can be quite a tedious process with the current health crisis.

Thankfully, online gambling websites are now accessible to bettors who want to place 4D online betconveniently and comfortably in the comfort of their homes. Many betting sites such as 88ProBet offer sports betting markets, live casino games, as well as 4D Singapore online, enabling gamblers to have the best gambling experience.

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