Thursday 29 February 2024
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Win Poker Online: How to Read your Opponents

In a live game, you can use all kinds of tricks and psychological techniques to understand how comfortable a particular opponent feels in a given situation. However, online, you should rely on the only information you have on hand: betting templates.

Everyone comes to the game in a certain way.

Some people make small bets when they are afraid; others make small bets when they fear that their opponent loses the loser. Some people make big bets when bluffing; others make big bets only when they want you to believe they are lying. It is important to monitor closely and remember on which certain people base their bets on deposit ovo.

After you discover what they do when they feel good (or bad) in relation to their hand, you should look even further and understand which hands fall into what categories. For example, some people bet all their chips with a higher pair, the best kicker in the flop. It is possible that other people with the same hand are not so sure of them and will wait for more information in the turn before making strong blows. Others need to flop two pairs or better to feel good in their hands.

Watch them. Who cares and tests three of a kind when the color comes in turn? Who keeps betting, whatever happens? Will you verify the increase of this type on the flop when you have a monstrous hand, or do you usually wait for the turn to jump into the trap? Can your “strong hand” tactic be designed to make you retreat?

One more thing to notice is time. My favorite player online is a guy who always acts very fast. Because sooner or later a player will face a decision to think about. When this happens, it will suddenly take some time before acting, and will send a message much stronger than the pause of another player. (This means that something unexpected has happened. If you are an active player, it often means that you have cheated for the first time, but now you have hit a very strong hand and you are not sure if you should play the possum or not.)


People get into patterns, and with the amount of time they spend playing, they often don’t realize; Online it is even easier to play on autopilot. By remembering these schemes, especially against “good” and more predictable players, you can often determine exactly what your opponents have.