Saturday 30 September 2023
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Best Live Online Casino Software

Many of the big online casinos out there now offer live dealer casino software in order to bring a touch more reality and interaction to their games and service. For the providers, there are many different types of live casino software to choose from, all fighting to be number 1 and all offering player’s different things. After careful evaluation of all of the live casino offerings we have put together a list detailing what you should be looking out for to find the best live online casino software:

The Games

All software providers should offer the standard casino games – Roulette, Blackjack and sometimes Baccarat but others have added extra strings to their bow. Often coining their own game styles or choosing popular casino games such as Casino Hold ’em and other types of Blackjack games. The games offered will differ based on the provider and the online casino so ensure you look carefully before making your choice.


Whilst we’re travelling full steam ahead into the mobile age, it should surprise you to know that many of these live casino platforms aren’t yet available on mobile. A vast proportion of gambling happens on mobiles or tablets so if this is important to you make sure you check your chosen provider offers this if it’s important to you.

Video Quality

The whole idea of live casino software is being in constant video contact with the dealer. This is made harder if the provider you are using is laggy and poor video quality. To make the most of the concept you need to have a great connection to the host and this is controlled by the software. HD video is also a bonus, considering many of the dealers have the added bonus of being very attractive.


It goes without saying that you actually want to be able to understand the dealer, however, some platforms don’t offer many languages for their live dealer service. It’s imperative you check beforehand to ensure your chosen platform speaks your language.

Payment & Currency

When all is said and done, you’ve made sure all of the above points align with what you need… You want to make sure they accept your currency. Obviously vital, you can’t play if you can’t pay. On top of this, as with all casinos, you should make sure that your pay-outs are processed in a timely manner. It’s no good winning money if you don’t get it for a month.