Thursday 5 October 2023
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Choices You Must Get for the Perfect Poker

Understanding how to take advantage of your position at the table is always one of the best tips for Texas Hold’Em. Many do not give great weight to this aspect of the game that sometimes turns out to be fundamental. Here’s what to do to succeed.

The Best Options

Position, Patience and Strength are the best tips for playing Texas Hold’Em and the most important decisions for your victory are taken just the moment you start playing. As we have already repeated an infinite number of times in these pages, one of the most common mistakes made by beginners is to play too many hands (bet only when it is appropriate to do so) and not understand when it is better to let it go (avoid continue to bet, better make a smart fold and wait for the next hand). You can opt for the poker online option right there.

  • Another tip for Texas Hold’Em poker is almost as obvious as not to play too many hands: learn to understand the importance of your position with respect to the dealer.
  • The game strategy in fact changes if you find yourself immediately after the blinds, if you have gone immediately before, or if you are the small or the big blind. The strength of your starting cards will potentially be higher or lower depending on your position with respect to the dealer.
  • Generally, if you want to play in case you are in one of the top positions, it is essential to have a good starting hand because some of the players after you could raise if you don’t even re-raise. If you have a weak hand and have called, it is very likely that those chips you bet were wasted.
  • It is therefore important to follow the initial advice to be patient and wait for a strong hand to play from the correct position.

Remember that the first player to speak is the one sitting to the left of the big blind and this, together with the other two to his left, are called in “initial position”. The other three successive players are seated in the middle positions while all those that come after are called in “late position”.

The blinds obviously speak for last at the beginning of the hand but they are the first to speak after the flop and, to help you understand when to do what, we have made a very fast guide with all the best Texas Hold’Em poker tips and how to change your way of playing from one position to another.

Initial positions

Clearly we talk about the most difficult to manage for any player, expert or beginner. So if you are in one of these positions it is best to try raising only if you have AA, KK and AK of the same suit. They are very strong starting combinations and must be defended because so many players will still be talking about us.

While for everything else there is only one word, fold. It’s the smartest move and the most likely to do in early position when you don’t get good cards. Also learn to study your opponents. If they play consistently and make a call or raise in the starting position then it means they have a great hand. This will be a factor to consider if you want to get involved and bet.