Tuesday 28 March 2023
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The Many Features Of Slot Machines In Online Casinos

Once upon a time slot games were characterised by machines with 3-reel fruits and an extremely popular feature of every traditional club, pub and casino. Today they have undergone a huge advancement wherein game developers have pushed boundaries to create games with features like:

  • 5 reels or more,
  • Have many complex features coupled with bonus rounds,
  • High quality 3D video-graphics and
  • Hundreds of pay lines.

Slot games features

Some of the most common features of online casino slot games are:

  • Bonus games wherein players can win extra spins and subsequently extra money in some slot games like those of,
  • Cascading reels wherein the traditional spinning reel are replaced by cascading icons which impart a unique look to the slot games,
  • Coins, which the online casino slot player wins on hitting a jackpot,
  • Expanding wilds which is a truly stretched wild icon spreading across a whole reel,
  • Free spin rounds is a bonus feature which provides the player with free spins,
  • Gamble features offer players a chance to gamble away their winnings which becomes double in case of a win and totally lost is one loses,
  • Retriggering helps motivate a player with additional spins to boost his winnings,
  • RTP is a feature which enables a very high “Return to Player” rate,
  • Scatter symbols or a slot player’s dream for they always reward the player with a win whenever they appear on the sc reen,
  • Sticky wilds enable players to win big by staying in the same place for one or more re-spins,
  • Transferring wilds are icons which keep transferring themselves from reel set to another thereby enabling the player to gain many winning opportunities,
  • Tumbling reels refer to instances whereby on getting a winning combo, either of the symbols vanish thereby making room for many more such winning combinations,
  • Wild symbols are used in the same way a joker is used when playing cards,
  • Multiplier symbols help multiply the winning amount etc,

There are many more features like the pay tables, pay lines, progressive jackpots, themes slots etc., which make the slot games played at online casinos like a euphoric experience.