Tuesday 16 April 2024
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The Greater Choices and the Finer Spirits for Web Safety

If you are a beginner optimizer or are going to develop your site without the help of specialists, then you cannot do without SEO-tools. This collection includes both well-known popular services and those tools that you may not have known about before. Add to your bookmarks, test and choose those SEO-tools that you are most comfortable working with. A visit to makes everything perfect now.

We’ll start with the most famous and multifunctional services, but I will also mention highly specialized tools for SEO.

Tools and Services for Optimization

From the article you will learn:

  • Multifunctional SEO Services
  • SEO services for working with texts
  • Other highly specialized SEO tools
  • Browser Plugins
  • Multifunctional SEO Services

Google Search Console

This is a webmaster service from a search giant that needs no introduction. Ask any experienced webmaster and he will probably advise every SEO specialist to use this tool. This service will help you conduct a technical audit of the site.

Price: Free.

Key features:

  • analysis of search queries
  • analysis of external and internal links
  • viewing the look of your site on mobile devices
  • search for errors on the site
  • crawling web pages (you can find out if your site is accessible to Googlebot).
  • google search console tool


Yandex.Webmaster is an official Yandex search engine service. Not so long ago, she announced a new version of Webmaster. Right now, only the beta version is available to users, to which not all functions from the old Webmaster have been added yet. For example, the section “Site Content” is currently available only in the previous version of the service. Let’s hope that by the final launch of the new Yandex.Webmaster, developers will not remove any important functions.

Price: Free.

Key features:

  • search for possible problems on the site and recommendations for their solution
  • search statistics: site positions, search queries
  • determination of the number of loaded / excluded pages and pages in the search
  • presentation of the site structure
  • page indexing settings
  • checking server response
  • check mobile pages
  • analysis of incoming links to the site
  • analysis of robots.txt and sitemap files.
  • new Yandex webmaster

Another popular analytical service from Yandex. A useful tool for those who want to fully explore the actions of users on their site.

Key features:

  • assessment of site traffic and its sources
  • conversion analysis
  • analysis of behavioral factors (click and scrolling maps, depth of views, time on the site)
  • analysis of search queries
  • demographics of visitors.
  • Yandex functional metrics

Google Analytics

Key features:

  • analysis of site traffic on different channels
  • sales and conversion analysis
  • analysis of user actions on the site
  • mobile data analysis
  • and other SEO-analysis of the site’s pages (how much time visitors spend on the pages, how often they visit different pages, etc.)
  • google analytics interface

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Working with keywords is very important for SEO optimization. The keyword planner helps you choose exactly the phrases for which it’s best to promote your site.