Friday 23 February 2024
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All About Marked Deck Of Cards

What are marked playing cards?

Marked cards are used for cheating in poker and gambling games. It is a popular way of deception in games. It involves cards making, which is a style of changing poker and very evident to marker cards.

There are various ways cards are marked by the owners, which involves applying a special ink that creates an invisible mark at the back of the poker deck. These marks can only be seen if you wear a pair of infrared contact lenses or glasses that enables you to view cheating cards. 

The lateral barcode marked cards from can help you know the poker results, which can also be analyzed with a poker analyzer.

One might wonder how cards were marked before the rise in technology. Marking cards then was straightforward. Magicians would alter the colour and pattern by adding subtle visible marks at the back of the cards. The modifications on those cards were noticeable, but it is not rampant. 

How Do Casino Owners Mark Cards? 

Marking of cards has become more popular with the increase in technology, and it is seen in all casinos in the world of gambling. Many players now play only with marked cards and cannot play neat games anymore. Those that want to earn money quickly always make use of this easy but wrong way. To mark cards in a casino, it requires advanced skills, gadgets and constant practice. Some people do advanced magic tricks with it while others use it for casino poker games.

Marked cards are sold on various online shops where people can get marked cards and other related devices. High quality marked cards are hard to differentiate from standard cards. They invisible marks behind them that can only be seen with special equipment like an infrared contact lens. Those that wear the infrared glasses enjoys the game without restriction. A casino poker card can be marked in so many ways. Some bend some corners of the card, and others wear down the cards. Nevertheless, all these are distinct ways of marking a card, and it exposes one to the risk of getting caught. The recent and improved technology of invisible ink has proven to be more productive.