Tuesday 16 April 2024
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Mega Joker

Mega Joker is a typical fruit machine style of jackpot slot. The slot is familiar to all players. The majority of the reel symbols are fruits: lemons, cherries and plums. The Mega Joker is the wild symbol.

The design of this slot is very interesting, because it makes you believe that you are playing on a true machine in a lobby. On the other hand, the graphics are extended to the background, full of plants and curtains. The funny features and the sound effects make Mega Joker a lucky and funny slot.

Mega Joker™ Logo

There is a progressive jackpot, the amount can climb to huge amounts, this is why many gamers choose to play on jackpot slots. The game has an average win around 30,000 euros, so it is no doubt that Mega Joker attracts many fans. A truly amazing fact, is that the slot returns to player percentage (RTP). Mega Joker jackpots’ theoretical RTP percentage is 99% – truly unbelievable – in this case, the player has a huge chance of winning.

Mega Joker video slot can be played in many pubs and land-based casinos. Nowadays, you can also play it on online casinos, a much better option for those who want the relaxed atmosphere of their homes. Mega Joker is a 5-line 3-reel win slot, similar to the majority slot games. At the bottom of the game, the player can increase the value of the coins, from 1.00 euro to a maximum bet of 10.00 euros per spin, and also the number of pay lines he/she want to bet. You can also activate a second set of reels, this will start the  ‘super-meter’ mode, a certain bonus style of the game. Through this mini game, you can win misterious prizes, around  2,000 coins.

In order to win the jackpot, you must play at the maximum coin value in the regular mode. This jackpot can be easily win on different online casinos. Come and Mega Joker on Supergaminator, one of the best online casino.