Monday 22 April 2024
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Parx Casino Leads Pa Online Gambling Market

Pennsylvania has quietly become one of the leading innovators in online gaming technology. As a result, Parx Casino has emerged as the market leader in the local Pennsylvania gambling economy.

For many decades, gambling patrons from the northeast USA could only choose between hopping on a flight to Vegas, going to Atlantic City or visiting one of the tribal casinos in Connecticut.

When Pennsylvania enacted expanded gaming legislation a few decades ago, no one could have predicted that the state would be transformed into one of the top incubators for the gaming industry.

Parx Casino Innovates Online Gaming

For many years, Parx Casino was known primarily as a horse racing facility. As legislation changed, laws began to loosen gaming restrictions and Parx started offering expanded gaming which helped support the now booming Pennsylvania thoroughbred industry.

The ownership group of Parx brought in the best casino gaming executives from around the country. Consequently, Parx Casino is synonymous as being one of the finest gaming establishments in the Eastern United States.

Now that Pennsylvania has enacted legislation that permits electronic gaming within state borders, Parx Casino has once again set itself apart from the competition by offering a PA online gambling app that will work on your phone or tablet.

Parx Casino has innovated its online gaming offerings to give its guests the option to play slots, table games or bet on sports directly from their mobile device. Although unconfirmed, there is a rumor that an online poker room will be offered within the family of the Parx Online casino app.

This wouldn’t surprise many Parx Casino regulars since the facility is known as having the best brick and mortar poker rooms in the state.

A Closer Look at Parx Online

Parx Casino’s legal and regulated PA online gambling app is officially called Parx Online.

Parx Online will be available to those on PC or Mac and if you are using a smartphone or tablet, Apple and Android devices will be supported.

When you search for PA online gambling apps, make sure you are downloading and installing the Parx Online so that you can sync it up to your XClub membership. That way, you’ll earn comps that can be used at Parx each time you play online.

How PA Online Gambling Apps Work

The only downside to the Parx Online app is that if you leave the state of Pennsylvania, you’ll be denied access to gamble on the app.

Parx Online makes use of the location services in your phone or mobile device to always ensure that you are placing bets lawfully within Pennsylvania’s jurisdiction.

You’ll want to remember this if you are the passenger in a car on a roadtrip playing your favorite casino game using the Parx Online app.

Whenever you are physically at the Parx Casino in Bensalem, you are able to deposit cash into your PA online gambling account. When you hit a big jackpot on the app, you can also drive out to Bensalem to collect your earnings. Alternatively, you could fund your account using approved funding methods such as ACH and debit cards.

Downloading, launching and placing a real money wager on the Parx Online app will only take just a few moments. When you are on the go and you need to lock in a bet, now you can do so legally and lawfully using Parx Online.