Sunday 4 December 2022
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Ground Rules to Winning in Football Betting

Winning in football is sure when you set the right mindset.  Approaching football betting without having a plan on how to manage your bankroll is riskier than you think. It’s even riskier if you just start betting without understanding the ground rules that make the industry a success. Bookmakers are here to make profits and unless you devise tricks to outsmart them, victory will always be on their side. For starters, these are the Judi Bola ground rules to know.

Don’t Ever Bet on Your Favorite Team

Your best team is not always the best in the pitch. Your decision will always be clouded with biased views when judging between a team you like and another one you hate. Mostly, when you try deciding whether to bet on your favorite team or the other team they will be in the pitch together, you will find yourself choosing the team you like. This risks you losing terribly.

Don’t Use Money to Chase Lost Money

When you have a bad day, it’s good to accept it and wait for another day. Using money to chase lost money will leave you demoralized punter with no bankroll.  You can never succeed in football betting unless you are disciplined. Discipline entails accepting a bad day outcome and waiting for the next day.

Avoid Multibets

Most football betting sites will offer you bonuses when you place a multi-bet of a certain number of teams. While this may seem an easy way to win more, you are likely going to lose terribly. Predicting a single team is extremely hard how about predicting 5 teams? It will be catastrophic and almost impossible. It is always best to bet on singles or doubles maximum if you want to win more.

Bet on the Best Markets

Some Judi Bola markets are captivating and lucrative. The high odds offered in some of these markets will make you want to give them a try. What you don’t know is that the odds in such markets are high because the chances of the match outcome favorite such markets are low. Such markets include but not limited to first goalscorer, correct score, Halftime/Fulltime winner, total goals in the first half, red card awarded, and lots more.

Record Your Bets

Keeping track of the bets you have placed recently is important. When you know how much you have lost in the recent past, it becomes easier to decide whether to stop or to continue. It as well makes it easier for you to improve your bankroll management.


In the football betting jungle, all you need is to know the jungle rules. Know the rules and succeed. Ignore these rules and become the bookmakers’ everyday prey. Know your game inside out also and make sure you bet what you can afford to lose.