Tuesday 28 March 2023
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The Perfect Betting Deals for Your Choices

It is also common for the player to find excuses for going to play or believe that he is able to handle the game situation even if it has already hurt him. We must remain realistic. Remembering all the times the player has said that to himself and the consequences it has had can serve as a “reminder”.

Finally, the rgocasino infoline player will always keep in mind what motivates him to decrease or stop playing in order to keep control over the game.

Practice other activities

The game may be for the player a way of escape to escape the difficulties of everyday life or a feeling of depression, but also a way to fight against boredom or loneliness. It is therefore important for the player to find or discover other sources of pleasure.

He will find benefits to think about the activities he liked to practice in the past and that were abandoned because of the game. He will be able to gradually start practicing them again or find new pleasant or exciting activities.

Some rgo casino infoline activities can be planned specifically during periods of risk of gambling, for example the day the player receives his salary, during moments of boredom or loneliness, etc.

Self-exclude play areas

In France, anyone wishing to be banned from games voluntarily must do so themselves. This measure is personal and confidential. This prohibition measure extends only to the national territory. It is valid in all casinos, gaming circles and online gaming sites authorized.

The exclusion of games is pronounced for a period of 3 years which cannot be reduced. This means that no lifting of the measure will be carried out before the end of the period of the 3 years of prohibition.

At the end of this first exclusion period of 3 years:

Either the person wishes to remain prohibited: there is no procedure to be carried out, the prohibition remains in force or the person no longer wishes to be prohibited, it will be necessary to request the removal of the prohibition measure.

Go to the infoline website to make your pre-request on the Internet or know the steps to follow to send the request by mail and just a click for detailed info about dewa poker .

Other more flexible self-exclusion measures exist:

Some casinos have their own “people not to receive” file (ANPR). This is an agreement between a particular casino and a customer. The casino operator undertakes to limit the casino’s access to this person.

The legal gaming sites and supervised by the ARJEL (Regulatory Authority for Online Games) have the obligation to propose self-exclusion measures to players. You can choose to temporarily exclude yourself from a particular site. The duration is 7 days minimum and renewable if you wish. You can also choose to permanently exclude yourself by closing your player account. If you wish to exclude yourself from several websites on which you are registered, you will have to do the same with each site.

Ask for help

The troubled player must not hesitate to speak and seek the help of a trusted person in his entourage. This person can be a family member, friend, colleague or health professional.

If the player realizes that he is no longer able to control his playing practice and that it has negative consequences in his life, he can ask for help from professionals specialized in the field (financial, medical, social, etc.) , and more about wap sbobet .