Monday 22 April 2024
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A Quick Guide to Playing Slots Online 

With the boom of websites offering online slots games, it can quite easy to get overwhelmed or to get lost in the multitude of choices available. The options seem limitless and confusing, with so many sites/types of slots available that a guiding hand might be helpful before trying out online slots.

Here I give you a few tips and tricks on how to choose a great online slots site for you and how to strategize to win on the slots.

Choosing the Right Site for You:

– Do some research – do not just choose the first site that shows up when you do a search, research different sites and their offerings. Try out some sites that offer free games that you can test before signing up. With the huge shift to mobile, don’t discount these sites either as they can offer great games too.

– Look for a site that offers you, a valuable player, sign up bonuses. These sites need your custom, so you are valuable.

– look for a site that is supported properly on mobile, lack of mobile slots is a sign of not keeping up with the times and is a bit behind the times

– Online support – check reviews to see if the support is helpful. You wouldn’t think online support is important until you really need help and there is none.

These are a couple of the most popular types of online slots that you’ll find at a casino NZ and other sites too:

– The 3 reel classic – this is based on old school casino slots and uses the classic bars, melons, cherries and bells. This is based on what the land based casino slots from the bad old days looked like

– The 5 reel – this increased the 3 reel to five, which allows for more paylines, usually about 20lines. This is the most common classic online slots game.

– 3D video Slots – with fancy animation, intro sequences and lengthy winning animated sequences this is the more modern and slick online slot, and seemingly the way forward for online slots

– Progressive Slots – this means part of your bet goes towards a jackpot spread across the lines. This is a rare jackpot to win, with the highest win on record being $22,974,400 won in 2013

– Mobile slots – developed and aimed at mobile users, this type of slots is still young but growing in popularity mainly due to ease of access

So once you have researched which online casino and decided which type of online slots is for you, you can begin to play.

Here are the Main Steps in Playing:

– Check the pay table, check out the payouts for different winning combos and bonus round info

– Set your bet line, this can be for as little as $0.01 a line if you really want to start out small

– Once you’re in a game, you will be given a “spin” button…push the button

– Win! Maybe! Sometimes you will win, sometimes you won’t.

– Bonus rounds – Most common bonuses are free spins and there are usually conditions if you happen to win jackpots on your free bonus spins

 And remember that random number generators are responsible for the percentage paid out, similar to online roulette and blackjack games. This generator ensures fair and random spins, and a third party authority certifies the percentage.