Sunday 19 September 2021
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Different types of Sports Bets that You Should Know

Sports Then and Now | What Are the Different Types of Sports Wagering?

Betting on sports is an excellent way of earning big money. It attracts gamblers from all over the world, both pros and beginners alike. Besides, with sites like online casino Malaysia, it’s easy to determine the best online casino and place your sports bets online. However, you should understand the various types of bets that are commonly used in sports betting.

Below are the common types of sports bets:

  1. Asian handicap

Asian handicap is a popular way of betting with origins in Asia. It’s mainly used in soccer and has two outcomes that you can bet on. With this betting style, before the game begins, the bookmark ensures that they handicap both teams before the game starts.

The bookmaker awards goals to the team that’s likely to win the match. The team that the bookmaker presumes less likely to win receives a head start. Goals or fractions of the goals express such handicaps. Rather than backing a team, you’re then supposed to bet on it to overcome the handicap.

  1. Correct goal score

The correct score bet is undoubtedly one of the hardest. And this is because you have to get the right score, despite unpredictable outcomes. To use this type of bet, you first need to ascertain whether the game can score highly or not. Online betting sites such as w88 list all the betting odds on the site, and you should consider how this is done.

  1. Double chance

These are, for example, 1X, 12, X2. This type of bet is an excellent way of supporting a team, especially when the results are unpredictable. Unlike other types of bets, the odds are quite low, but it offers two possibilities at once.

  1. Double chance

It provides for two options at the same time, although its odds are low, unlike most of the bet types. If your preferred team has a likelihood of getting defeated in the match, this bet will be helpful. And this is because it offers extra insurance. If the team achieves one of the two predicted outcomes, then the bet wins. If both sides wrestle on neutral ground, you should deem the first team listed on the website as the home betting team.

  1. Scorecast 

Scorecast comprises two bets, and you should correctly predict the player who scores the firsts goal in the match. If your chosen player fails to begin the game or joins after the scoring of the first goal, your bet gets settled on the match’s correct score. Many amateur punters favor this type of betting type since it has promising returns on all winning bets. Moreover, bookies offer massive odds on this type of bet.


There are various types of sports bets, and all come with varying risks. However, it’s wise to go for one with minimal risk, and this is particularly true for bets with only two possible outcomes.